ABOUT PROJECT (IP project HRZZ: IP-11-2013-3700)

Strategic use of landscape is an important factor in the evolution of populations that inhabited it from prehistory to this day. The project focuses on the research of samples pertaining to habitation, communications and natural resources across all periods in the area of the Našice, Podgorač, Koška and Drenje municipalities. The project aims at recognizing the strategic positions for habitation, and reconstructing two potential communications connecting the Drava river valley in Hungary with the Požega Basin and the basin of the Sava river across the Đakovo Plateau. In a broader sense, we shall try to identify links between the Carpathian Basin and the northern and central Balkans, as well as to determine the role of the east-west communication along the valley of the Drava river. Based on archaeological, historical, geological and other data we shall try to reconstruct the exploitation of natural resources, using the comparative method in order to identify similarities or differences across all observed periods.

Project duration: 1st of July 2014 – 30th of September 2016